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Amador County Fairgrounds

Saturday ~ June 8

Sunday ~ June 9


Gates Open at 9:00AM


The city of Plymouth lies on flat to gently rolling terrain located at the lower elevations of the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. Plymouth is known as the "gateway to the Shenandoah/Fiddletown Valley" boasting some 45 wineries, the Amador Flower Farm and Brown's English Toffee. Some of the vineyards in this region were planted 150 years ago and are still producing some wonderful Zinfandel wine. With this rich viticulture history it is only fitting that the Mother Lode Highland Games includes and incorporates this rich history into our Games. All other Games have the "traditioanl" Whisky Tasting Seminars, the Mother Lode Highland Games will you have the opportunity to experience the Whisky Seminars as well as the Wine Seminars. One can learn a great deal about the various whiskies of Scotland. Here in the Shenandoah/Fiddletown Valley, if you so choose, you can also gain valuable information and knowledge about the local wines. And, in the process, you can possibly learn a wee bit of history about Plymouth and the Shenandoah/Fiddletown wine region. Just why does a particular variety made by two different vintners taste so totally different from each other? Its these kinds of questions that will be answered in these seminars.

•    To attend these seminars you MUST be 21 years of age
•    Children will NOT be permitted in the building
•    Please stop at the information booth for registration and tickets
•    Online Reservation Click Here

Floraculture Building

Saturday Sunday
12:45PM 2:45PM

Floraculture Building

Saturday Sunday
1:45PM 2:30PM