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Amador County Fairgrounds

Saturday ~ June 9

Sunday ~ June 10


Gate Open at 9:00AM


Jackson Rancheria Stage
Main Stage

Saturday Sunday
9:00AM Kirkin
10:00AM City of Sacramento Pipe Band 10:00AM City of Sacramento Pipe Band
11:00AM Avalon Rising 11:00AM Tempest
1:00PM Tempest 1:00PM Avalon Rising
2:00PM Avalon Rising 2:00PM Tempest
3:00PM Tempest 3:00PM Avalon Rising
4:00PM Avalon Rising 4:00PM Tempest
5:30PM Tempest

Celtic Stage
Pokerville Hall

Saturday Sunday
10:30AM Celtic Spring 10:30AM Black Irish
12:30PM Black Irish 12:30PM Celtic Spring
1:30PM Celtic Spring 1:30PM Black Irish
2:30PM Black Irish 2:30PM Celtic Spring
3:30PM Celtic Spring 3:30PM Black Irish
4:30PM Black Irish 4:30PM Celtic Spring