Mother Lode Scottish Games


Celtic Festival

Mother Lode Highland Games

    The Mother Lode Highland Games & Gathering welcomes you to enjoy its Annual Highland Games. Nowhere can so much be done to enjoy Scottish friendship, food & drink, music & dance, athletic events & shopping AND do so for less money than going to the movies or an amusement park.
    With so much to do, there is the possibility that one can be overcome by fatigue and weather exposure. We have arranged for standby Emergency Medical Services (EMS) on the grounds to shorten any needed response. However, a few common-sense tips and foresight can help you enjoy the entire weekend without mishap.

Take It Easy
You might run out of energy before running out of things to do. Take cooling breaks and refreshment. Spend an extra day to have the entire weekend to see as much as you like.
Dress appropriately for the weather!
A good "shade hat" will keep you 10 to 15 degrees cooler, let you view events sharply with less glare, and keep sweat from running into your eyes. Or for the ladies, you won't glisten as much. Some people find spray bottles with fans are helpful in shedding heat.
Use sun-block liberally & frequently on exposed skin
Have a cover-up garment
During the hottest periods of the day, eat or rest in a cooled building or shaded area
Danger Signs
Headache, fatigue, clumsiness, inattentiveness to circumstances and even stumbling are early signs of dehydration! Rest and rehydrate!
Drink plenty of water, beyond the point of thirst
Thirst, itself, may not be a reliable guide. Your activity and exposure are greater. Many beverages, such as alcohol, sugary sodas and soft drinks, and caffeine actually cause you to lose more fluid from your body that you take in. Drink them, if you wish, in addition drink 2 to 3 times that amount of water. "Dehydration" is the biggest contributor to heat illness at The Games. If you are urinating infrequently, in smaller and darker amounts, you need to drink more water.
Heat Stress Illness is hardest on elders, the very young, and people taking medications that change how they sense or adapt to heat
If the weather is "pleasantly warm" with a nice breeze, you may not realize how quickly you are losing body water by the quick and insensible perspiration loss to evaporation. You feel cooler, but still need a steady supply of replacement water.
Understand your medications
Some drugs change how we adapt to heat or adjust our body's thermostat. Among these are anti-depressant and psychiatric medications; anti-histamines; bladder and bowel control medications; high blood pressure medications may lower pressure directly, cause fluid loss by increased urination, or limit the ability of the heart to increase its rate
If you feel unwell
Shelter in a shady or cool spot, ask for help

Any volunteer, security officer, or fairgrounds employee will be most happy to assist you and, if needed, call for help

If you feel faint or dizzy, lie down at once rather than risk injury by falling, this will help you feel better right away
Have EMS check you, and be guided by their advise
Paramedics are onsite during regular hours
Absolute Warning Signs
Faintness, "wooziness", feeling dizzy, visual trouble
Weakness or muscle cramps
Changes in heart rate or rhythm
Not sweating; looking hot, red, and dry

You are welcome to bring your wheelchair or mobility scooter to use. Such devices are not available to rent at the Fairgrounds. Be sure that yours is fully charged. We cannot provide repairs, but if your unit fails, any volunteer, security officer, or Fairgrounds employee will call for a cart that can bring you to your vehicle.