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Saturday ~ June 9

Sunday ~ June 10


Gate Open at 9:00AM

Piping & Drumming Results 2017

Kitchen Piping

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Adam Blaine Becky Saraceno Stephen Beitzel



Grade 3 Vince Guinnane


Grade/Event 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
4~Mini MSR Jefferson PB
4~Time Limit Medley MacIntosh PB Jefferson PB
Drum Fanfare MacIntosh PB


P11 ~ MSR Charles Morris Charlie Martin
P13 ~ Hornpipe/Jig Charles Morris Charlie Martin
P21 ~ MSR Adam Blaine
P22 ~Hornpipe/Jig Adam Blaine
P31 ~ 2/4 March Colin Speed Vince Guinnane Ted Hales
P32 ~ Strathspey/Reel Colin Speed Vince Guinnane Paul Forrest
P41 ~ 2/4 March Panel A Malachai Johannsen Medoly Farquhar-Chang Christina Shute
P42 ~ Slow Aire Panel A Zack Arbios Steven Harrington Malachai Johannsen
P41 ~ 2/4 March Panel B Finn Cave Wes Weber Bruce Locken
P42 ~ Slow Aire Panel B Bruce Locken Wes Weber Finn Cave
S31~ 2/4 March Dodger Posey
S32 ~ 6/8 March Dodger Posey
S41 ~ 2/4 March Sandra Smith Stuart Cornelius
S42 ~ 6/8 March Kevin Campbell Sandra Smith
BA1 ~ March Gail Muldrow Marie Rude



5~Quick March Medley Cal-Fire PB
5~March/SlowAire/March Cal-Fire PB Emerald Society of Ripon Jefferson PB


Grade 4 Bruce Locken


P14 ~ Piobaireachd Charles Morris Charlie Martin
P24 ~ Piobaireachd Adam Blaine
P36 ~ Piobaireachd Ted Hales Becky Saraceno Jay Bowdler
P43 ~ Piobaireachd Bruce Locken Bob Skinner Dale Wilson

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