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The Lair Review – Turn The Lights Back Off

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Director Neil Marshall delivered one of the better horror films of the mid-00s: The Descent. He’s also been the mind behind Doomsday and Dog Soldiers–two more action films with a lot of suspense. He already has a few classics in his arsenal; however, his latest film, The Lair, won’t live up to his legacy. It’s middling at best and at its worst, it’s just a Resident Evil movie without all those pesky zombies.

The Lair follows Lt. Sinclair (Charlotte Kirk) of the Royal Air Force as she’s shot down over an area of Afghanistan where she meets up with a squad of American military. From there, the group discovers an underground bunker created by the Russians that has some exceptionally tough monsters living in it.

Right away, the movie sets up what’s going to happen. We’re witnessing the events of an area in Afghanistan that will be destroyed by the end, so the final moments of the story are no surprise whatsoever. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the real question on everyone’s mind is, “Who is going to survive this madness?”

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